‘One Human Race’ – an interfaith event


“One Human Race”  was an interfaith event organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Seattle.

OHR attendees

Attendees of the “One Human Race” Event

The event was held on Feb 23rd, 2014 at Garfield Community Center in Seattle and was attended by 140 attendees. Congressman Adam Smith also attended and spoke at this event. The event included representatives from Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism.

OHR Trice Remarks

Dr. Trice, giving opening remarks at “One Human Race”

Dr. Michael Trice, Assistant Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University kicked off the event with opening remarks. Maulana Azhar Hanif Sb represented Islam and gave a wonderful discourse on what it meant to live like one human race. Azhar Hanif’s talk was very well received and many guests wanted him to speak longer than he could due to time constraints. All other speakers did a wonderful job in showing the rich humanistic teachings of their religions.

It was an event which left everyone informed and inspired.




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